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Transform your mind and galvanize your body by working

with Garnett directly to gain more perspective, confidence

and quality of life throughout your fitness journey.

Combining strength training with aerobic training you will be able to improve your physical performance in any field of movement.

Strength & Conditioning

Working with Your unique body shape to maximize its full potential by using tailored movements so you're more confident and look better naked.

Body Sculpting

Creating strength in a full range of motion to increase dexterity, agility, and nimbleness to your repertoire of skills.


Learn how to stay focused on your objective while maintaining mental plasticity to adapt to change. letting go of the past while running towards your ultimate destiny.


Giving you the tools to create better nutritional habits and honing in on everyday solutions when it comes to healthier decisions.


Making time for recuperation and retrieving the nutrients lost during the training process for better piece of mind and maximum gains.


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