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About Me

New York City's Top Personal Training and Life Coaching Professional

With over 20 years of martial arts and personal training experience, Garnett brings a refreshingly unique take on the approach toward getting in shape and leading a better life.

He is passionate about introducing clients to how fitness is more than a fixture, more than an hour a day. How each move is interconnected to your daily life and instrumental to your mindset.

Every client that walks through his doors gains an upgraded perception of what personal training is. Together, you will create a grounded, disciplined, personal technology that is coded to you.

Clients Reviews

"Training with Garnett is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. Before trained by him, I always felt a little insecure and unconfident when going to the gym, because I was worried about my body condition and the limited knowledge I had. But now, after having sessions for only a month, I start to loooove gym and enjoy wor...

Jiyao Z Hilo, HI

"It took me about 2 hours of going through Yelp and Google reviews before I came across Garnett. I was searching for a trainer. My workouts had became stale and lacked intensity. I needed to break up my routine. Ultimately, I decided to go with Garnett, mainly because I saw he was experienced in mixed martial arts (I had just began train...

Ryan H.

"Garnett is an amazing trainer and man.  The work I did with him was not only amazing for my butt, but he is gentle and strong and his no bullshit approach feels also like it has shades of being a coach, mentor, and teacher.  It's not just a surface experience you get with him.  But something that connects to your whole life.  A hol...

Alexandra R.

"Garnett is one of the most knowledgeable And best trainers I have ever had the experience to work with. His attention to detail and anatomy and the human body is second to none. Easy to talk to and motivational always."

Codie P.

"Garnett is one of kind! The real deal. He's generous, highly intelligent in his approach and the workouts he'll provide for you, and super kind. His personal training will challenge you, uplift you, and support you to become your greatest self - Not only in how you feel and look in your body, but in the rest of your life too. ...

Ellie A.

"Garnett Strother is the absolute best at what he does. If trainers were cars, the "Professionals" you see in NYSC would be Fiats and Garnett would be a BMW M6. 

In 3 months of training I lost 20 lbs and lost 13% body fat. (186 lbs; 26% body fat BEFORE) - (166 lbs; 13% body fat AFTER). 

1) You never do the sam...

Zarif A.

"I highly highly recommend Strother PT for anybody--whether you're a serious athlete, looking to learn more about your body, or just trying to get in shape. I had been training with Garnett for a few years now, and brought him on board as a coach for an upcoming kickboxing fight.

Garnett not only helped me improve my footwo...

Yo R.