Before I began working out with Garnett Strother, I thought I was eating pretty healthy, but knew my body didn’t look the way it had and I was ready to take him up on a workout. After 7 weeks of constant nutritional advice and monitoring (voluntarily and well, insistently by Garnett) I lost inches and looked the way I wanted to. But what I gained was the feeling of confidence I didn’t know I was lacking. I was happy to look better and be more comfortable in my body, but our workout and nutrition plan made me just feel so positive and energetic. It was very tough at times but I love knowing I challenged myself and had a friend /trainer who really put his heart and soul into all of the work we did together. I would recommend him to anyone, hands down. He made it fun and I could tell he was focused on my goals which in turn shows a level of workmanship and dedication rarely seen anymore.


Music Industry Digital Marketing Consultant

Garnett is a creative and effective personal trainer – especially if you train in martial arts! He specifally designed a workout for me to increase my strength and agility in the guard position for Jiu Jitsu. Highly recommended when you need that extra push!


COO at LiquidTalent, Co-founder of MyCube

Garnett delivers results. He will get you lean and turn you into a force to be reckoned with in the ring. No one I’ve worked with understands boxing technique and martial arts better than Garnett. And he incorporates weight lifting to create a dynamic workout.


Cofounder/Creative Director, Foossa

Garnett is a professional and personable trainer who gets results. I worked with him for a bit to get back in shape after I graduated from grad school. Although unfortunately my work schedule no longer allows me to work with him, I wholeheartedly recommend Garnett to anybody looking for a personal trainer.


Junior Copywriter at FCB Global

Having only done a few sessions with other personal trainers, I was not sure what to expect going into my trial session with Garnett at Rich Barretta Private Training. Within the first few minutes, he was able to break down what was wrong with my boxing/muay thai technique and immediately began to correct, while at the same time providing a fun environment to train and receive a great work out.\r\nHe is personable, reliable, and always eager to help with any health-related questions via email. I only see Garnett once or twice a month, but it is most definitely something I look forward to and I learn a great deal with such a short period of time. I’d highly recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer to look “G” up at RBPT.


Financial Administrator, CBC at American Museum of Natural History

I started training with Garnett a couple months ago after years of battling a workout “plateau.” Garnett has shown me a world of new exercises that I would not otherwise attempt to do on my own. And although I’m super uncoordinated and pretty lazy when it comes to working out, Garnett keeps me motivated throughout our weekly workouts (I’ve never done the same workout twice). He’s fun to train with and it’s apparent that’s he’s knowledgeable about the body and how each muscle works with another. He explains each exercise thoroughly and corrects my form every time I mess up (which is generally 14 of the 15 times in the set). Not only is he good inside the studio, he remains in contact throughout the week, checking in on me to make sure I’m eating healthy and going to the gym on my own. The studio offers a private and comfortable space to work out with your trainer. The rates are reasonable compared to corporate gyms. If you’re in the market for a trainer, I would definitely check out Garnett and Rich Barretta Private training.


The best personal training experience I’ve ever had. The studio is clean and not crowded at all. RBPT is appointment only, which is very different to other gyms in that you won’t have an excess of people crowding machines or the floor. Everyone there is there for the same reason you are – to work out seriously with their trainer. (The locker rooms and amenities are always top-notch, too!) The atmosphere of the gym is very comfortable and without distractions. All the staff and trainers are incredibly friendly. I never feel pressured by anything but myself and my goals, which is great. I’ve been working out with Garnett at RBPT for a few months now and it’s been fantastic. He’s incredibly knowledgeable – he really adapts your workouts to your goals and schedule. I’ve been going twice a week and no two workouts have been the same. And the results are amazing to me; as someone who hadn’t worked out seriously for a quite a while before this, in the two-three months I’ve gone I’ve had to get clothes tailored, lost weight and inches, and become much stronger and confident overall. He has this very cool idea where we take pictures of our meals and send them to him, which I haven’t experienced with another trainer. In my case it helps me quite a bit in thinking about my meals and overall health daily.


Let’s get real… I hate working out. I do not look forward to training here every week yet I keep coming back. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s my first time in my life that I’m actually training at a place that employs professionals (which means every week I get my ass kicked). I’ve done my fair share of training through various corporate clubs and the quality of trainers can not even come close to those that work at Rich Barretta. I’ve had the opportunity to work with two of the trainers here and both are extremely friendly, creative with their workouts and knowledgeable. Each week I’m presented with an entirely new workout. I’ve never repeated any exercise in the 3 months I’ve been training and the new muscles I’ve discovered thank me (or hate me) for that. The facilities are clean and intimate. Since it’s a private studio, there are no distractions (other trainers talking to your trainer, waiting for equipment, not having enough space, gym members staring at you, etc.). I feel really comfortable working out here and I’m not embarrassed to try some of the exercises my trainer wants me to do since there’s no one around watching me. The prices are reasonable as well. If you’re looking to train somewhere, I would 150% recommend going here rather than with a trainer in your gym.