In Studio Training

Train one-on-one in the most elite personal training studio in Manhattan.



Training with me doesn’t just change your body: it changes your life.

Working with me in studio will bring out the best in you. The techniques I’ll teach you will create an exponential increase in your results and your skill level, and these techniques translate to your real life too. Imagine being able to go to that place where anything is possible… And then being able to access that state of mind any time you want. That’s what I teach.

Within 5 weeks, you will see massive results, not just in your body, but in your life. You will never need another trainer again.


Week 1: Detox
Creating new habits is the hardest part of changing your life.
I will help you structure a game-plan that is tailor made for your individual lifestyle.
Traveling, inconsistency, and late nights in the office will no longer keep you from your goals once I help you disassemble your destructive patterns and create new ones.

Week 2: Enhance
After working on the fundamentals of movement, you are now gaining access to your body in ways you never thought possible.
Your flexibility is improving and so is your durability.
Sending your meals to me directly is making you leaner and meaner each day.
Depression subsides and your mind becomes clearer.
Homework is given to increase the speed of your learning process.

Week 3: Transformation
The effectiveness of your consistency is manifesting itself physically.
Your clothes are fitting you differently, but the biggest change is in your attitude towards food.
The combination of eating the right-sized portions at the right time has stabilized your mood, and completing tasks at work becomes easier.
Your personal life flourishes as your time management skills increase.

Week 4: Concentration
Here we focus on fine-tuning your new abilities.
Now that we’ve been through the initial introduction phase, we can play… But play seriously.
The combination of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and body-sculpting open up endless new directions.
Where will you go with your new mind and body?

Week 5: Mastery
You now have a fundamental understanding of how to control your eating habits, create training regimens and be more productive then you have ever been.
The effort you put into the gym reflects in the way you approach the things you have always wanted for your life and things start to change.
With your original goals realized, it is time to create new ones and march into unchartered territory!


I operate out of two locations, depending on which suits you better.

520 West 21st Street,
New York NY 10011

125 E 23rd Street,
New York NY 10010


Sessions are $175 an hour. There is no session minimum — pay as you go.


Click the contact button below to email me directly and we can get started immediately based on availability.